Daytona IntercoastalIs there a faster city in the country than Daytona Beach? Indianapolis might suggest that they are owed the title but the race rich town of Daytona Beach, Florida is as sought-after of a winter location as anywhere else in the sunshine state including South Beach, West Palm Beach, Tampa Bay, Orlando or Jacksonville.

With well heeled people popping down the coast from cold weather but moneyed locations like Manhattan, Boston, North Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. - Daytona Beach is one of the top spots on the coast not just for NASCAR but for luxury real estate. One property listed by Carlos Ring, a top performing local agent, weighs in at 13,500 square feet and with a per square foot price of over $550 per foot. This $7,700,000 home came loaded with a high end home theater, a professional kitchen and massive outdoor areas, a swimming pool as well as access to the intercostal waterway for yachts nearing 200 feet in length. The buyer reportedly came from California and was represented by Jade Mills and Chris Cortazzo.

Daytona CondosAnother element of Daytona Beach real estate that consumers love is their vast inventories of condos. Not everyone needs a 13,000 square foot home nor do they want to pay property taxes or the high monthly nut. They just want a get away from the cold that is less than two hours from the north east. The fact that there is no state income tax in Florida is only another selling point but what's driving people south to Daytona Beach is the low prices. Condos in beach front cities in California or in metro complexes like New York and San Francisco are topping out in the $1,200 to $1,600 per square foot range. Daytona Beach offers all of the advantages of Florida in newly constructed luxury condos at close to one third the per foot price. Unlike California and New York - Daytona Beach also has some shore sale and foreclosed properties for bargain hunters.

No matter what you are looking for in Luxury real estate, Daytona Beach has something for you and your budget.